​​​​​​Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults in Sutton


​​​​​Ensuring that ​vulnerable people are safeguarded is a vital part of the role of NHS Sutton CCG.  We have continued to maintain a focus on the safety of vulnerable adults, children and young people.


We commission services that promote and protect individual human rights, independence and wellbeing.  We secure assurance that any child, young person or adult thought to be at risk, stays safe. We secure assurance that they are effectively safeguarded against abuse, neglect, discrimination, embarrassment, or poor, compassionless treatment. We want all patients to be treated with dignity and respect and to enjoy the best possible quality of life.


We continue to gain assurance that the services we commission safeguard both adults and children. We are continually reviewing our Safeguarding Assurance Strategy and reviewing priorities to inform the commissioning of services in Sutton.


Senior staff meet once a quarter to review assurance information and review priorities for safeguarding children and vulnerable adults in Sutton.


NHS Sutton CCG is a member of the Sutton Safeguarding Adult's Board (SAB) and the Sutton Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB).