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Central Sutton Health Centre survey outcome


UPDATE - 1 December 2017

Thank you once again to all those who took part in the Central Sutton Health Centre survey earlier in the autumn. We have reviewed the many comments we received from patients and have identified a number of common themes that we want to share back with you. Importantly, three of the practices who took part in the survey (Grove Road, Benhill and Mulgrave Road) and were considering re-location to the central site have decided they no longer view that as an option they wish to pursue. The CCG is therefore exploring other ways of meeting future demand for GP services and delivering improvements to our communities.

Some of the themes identified are as follows:

  • There was some support for the possible addition of diagnostic services at the new location, and for some the location was closer.
  • However, most people expressed concern around the new site being further away and about parking facilities.
  • Most were happy with the services their GP practice currently provided and were concerned that a move would change things.
  • There was a very particular concern that the proposal was actually about merging the practices and therefore reducing the number of appointments and staff (however this was a misconception)


Sutton CCG recently invited patients at five practices  to take part in a survey about the formation of a Central Sutton Health Centre. We would like to thank all those who took part in the survey , which we have now partially analysed. Responses to those questions asking people to choose from a list of possible answers have been analysed and are available here

We are still analysing the responses to our open-ended questions, where we asked people to give us their thoughts and opinions. These responses are being themed and will result in a further report, which we expect to publish by Friday November 10th.


We'd like to thank everyone who took part in the survey. At this point in time, no further decisions have been taken about the project.