Personal Health Budgets Local Offer - April 2016

What is a Personal Health Budget?


A Personal Health Budget (PHB) is the amount of NHS money available to meet an individual's health and wellbeing needs. PHBs are intended to enable people and families to exercise greater choice and control, ensuring support purchased with NHS resources is a "good fit" with day-to-day family life and that the best possible health and wellbeing outcomes are achieved. PHBs support the vision of a more personalised, patient-focused NHS and offer opportunities for people and their health care professionals to work together, to make shared decisions and actively co-design the services and support they require in a support plan, combining their health professional's vital clinical expertise and knowledge with the person's expertise in their health condition/s and their ideas for how their needs can best be met. PHB's are intended to enable people and families to have choice and control in the care they receive, ensuring the support they purchase with their PHB meets their identified health need and their best possible health and wellbeing outcomes are achieved.

Who can currently have a Personal Health Budget in Sutton?

Since October 2015 PHBs have been offered to all adults who are eligible for Fully Funded NHS Continuing Healthcare and to parents of Children and Young People eligible for Fully Funded NHS Continuing Care.

Roll-out of PHBs for people with Long-Term Conditions

A recent NHS England mandate* requires Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG') to make PHBs available to people with long-term conditions (LTC's), including mental health conditions, if over 18 years. A goal detailed within the NHS Planning Guidance is that 50-100,000 people nationally should have PHB by 2020. PHB's are an entirely new way of working for the CCG and will require a lot of infrastructural and procedural change. The CCG is accountable for PHB's and this includes a responsibility to work together with all relevant partners to ensure PHBs are managed and issued appropriately, developing processes and agreeing governance arrangements for the agreement of each individual PHB support plan and the associated funding required. This will also include arrangements for monitoring, assessing the effectiveness of the agreed individual support plan, which will focus on clinical outcomes, improvement in wellbeing and or management of the individuals long term condition/s.

Due to the sheer amount of change that must first be implemented, an initial roll out in Sutton is planned for those people with chronic pain requiring intervention at the Pain Clinic and people with communication difficulties, who are accessing speech and language services, which means they would be able to request a PHB during 2016/17 however they would not be able to access their PHB immediately.

In due course more detailed information will be made available on the CCG website and those of partner NHS providers.

A Personal Health Budget cannot be spent on:

  • illegal activities
  • alcohol
  • tobacco
  • gambling
  • day-to-day household expenses 

PHBs are not used to purchase emergency or acute medical services, primary medical services provided by primary care or for the following public health services.

  • Vaccination or immunisation, including population wider immunisation programme
  • Screening
  • The national child measurement programme
  • NHS Health Checks

For more information on PHB's please see

Local Contact Details 

If you would like to find out more information on PHBs for people eligible for Fully Funded NHS Continuing Healthcare, please contact: sutccg.continuingcare@nhs.net

If you would like to find out more information on PHBs for Children and Young People eligible for NHS Continuing Care, please contact: SUTCCG.childrenschc@nhs.net

If you would like to find out more information about the PHB roll-out for people with long-term conditions, please contact: SUTCCG.suttcom@nhs.net 

Details of a local engagement event will be added shortly and we will endeavour to keep our information updated and to work closely together, throughout the journey of implementing PHBs in Sutton.​