Equality and Diversity

NHS Sutton Clinical Commissioning Group recognises the importance of our equality and health inequalities duties as a public body, an employer and a commissioner of healthcare services.

We understand and recognise that:

  • People can experience inequalities, discrimination, harassment and other barriers;
  • Patients should be at the centre of our decision making, and in partnership we can deliver high quality, accessible services that tackle inequalities and respond to personal needs;
  • An environment of dignity, tolerance and mutual respect should be created, maintained and experienced by all our patients, staff and members.

The Equality Act 2010 places a requirement on public bodies to demonstrate how they are:

  • Eliminating discrimination, harassment and victimisation and any other conduct that is prohibited by or under the Act.
  • Advancing equality of opportunity between people who share a relevant protected characteristic and people who do not share it.
  • Fostering good relations between people who share a relevant protected characteristic and those who do not share it.
  • Being transparent about how they are responding to the Equality duty, and are required to publish relevant, proportionate information showing compliance annually.

As commissioners we are determined to carry out these duties and ensure they inform how we plan and operate as an organisation. To help us integrate equality and human rights as part of everything we do, we are committed to the following.

Public sector equality duty (PSED)

The PSED consists of general and specific duties for public authorities to meet under the Equality Act 2010, as set out above. Sutton CCG has a responsibility to demonstrate how we as an organisation are meeting our legal duties, and are required to publish information annually showing how we comply.

Read the first annual equality report for Sutton CCG.

Our Equality Reports can be downloaded here

Sutton CCG Public Sector Equality Duty Re​port 2014.pdf

Sutton CCG Public Sector Equality Duty Report 2015.pdf

Sutton CCG Public Sector Equality Duty Repo​rt 2016.pdf

Sutton CCG Public Sector Equality Duty Report 2017.pdf

Sutton CCG Public Sector Equality Duty Report 2018 v2 (post GB).pdf

Sutton CCG Public Sector Equality Duty Report 2019

Equality objectives

Sutton CCG has legal duties to publish Equality Objectives every four years under the Equality Act 2010. We have been working to develop Equality Objectives that help us establish a solid foundation on which to build future equalities activities.

The report describes how our objectives were developed and action plan for how we plan to deliver them.

Read the 2013-17 Equality Objectives report.

If you have any questions on our Equality Objectives, or would like to work with us to achieve them, please contact: Yasmin Mahmood, Equality and Diversity Lead.   Email:yasminmahmood@nhs.net

Equality analysis

All Commissioning projects within Sutton CCG are required to complete an Equality Analysis before being implemented. This is to ensure that the project has considered the impact it will have on those communities it affects. We have developed a system to ensure that all documents and the healthcare services we commission in Sutton carry out assessments at the right time.

If you want to find out more about the Equality Analysis assessment, please contact our Equality and Diversity Lead, Yasmin Mahmood by email yasminmahmood@nhs.net

Equality delivery system (EDS)

The EDS is a Department of Health tool to help us deliver better outcomes for patients and communities and improve the working environment for staff.  In 2011/12 the EDS was used to raise awareness of equality and human rights and helped set our equality objectives for 2012/13.

Read the findings of the 2011/12 assessment and the 2014/15 EDS2 report.  We are working with colleagues to carry out a new assessment for Sutton CCG.

Sutton CCG EDS2 Report 2015-16 Version 2.pdf

NHS Sutton CCG EDS2 Improvement Plans Goals 1-4 2015-16.pdf

Sutton NHS England EDS Summary report 2015-16 Enhanced Optometry Services results.pdf

Sutton NHS England EDS Summary report 2015-16 Admiral Nursing Service results.pdf

Sutton CCG EDS2 Report 2016-17.pdf

Equality Delivery System 2 Grades and Improvement Plans 2017-18.pdf

Sutton EDS2 Summary Report (Children's Speech and Language Therapy Service).pdf

Sutton EDS2 Summary Report (Continuing Healthcare Service).pdf

Further information

To find out more about our equality programme or to get involved please contact Yasmin Mahmood, Equality and Diversity Lead for NHS Sutton CCG.  Email: yasminmahmood@nhs.net or phone 020 3668 3103/077112 78782.