​Provide learning and support to staff, patients and the public

Providing learning and support for patients and the public is crucial. Sutton CCG offers induction, training and ongoing support to internal staff by offering a rolling programme of the   NH England "10 Steps to Even Better Participation Training". Also, an engagement guide has been developed with supportive templates and is shared at team meetings and as part of induction programme for new Sutton CCG staff in order to standardise the engagement approach.

For external groups patient groups, Sutton CCG ensures that they are supported throughout their role as representatives by developing bespoke training plans. A recent example can be seen with the Adult Mental Health Commissioning Advisory Group where a training plan is being developed for 2020 to help support engagement activities for the whole group.

Also, as part ongoing support, Sutton CCG can offer several resources including training resources from local organisations and from NHS England. The NHS England sessions are free to attend and can be found online at:


NHS England offers induction webinars which give an overview of NHS England and the role of PPV partners and signposts to potential further development opportunities. These webinars offer excellent insight and training on various topics such as:

  1. Using social media to engage effectively with patients and the public
  2. Public engagement and participation – 10 steps to even better public engagement
  3. High impact communication skills for meetings

Sutton CCG ensures that all groups, such as patient reference group, commissioning advisory group, and others are fully aware of these training opportunities and are a standing agenda item in meetings and form part of training plans.

Training and support material

Sutton CCG has developed an engagement toolkit for all staff and patient groups to help them assess the level of public engagement  that is required for the specific project. The guide has been shared at patient reference groups and other patient representative's groups to ensure standardised understanding of engagement approach. The templates listed below are all based on the NHS England patient and public engagement guidelines.


Induction pack