Help Yourself to Health

Health Yourself to Health (HYTH) commenced in 2015/16 in Sutton.

It is a six week interactive educational course for Suttons Tamil, Urdu and Polish communities, delivered by Tamil, Urdu and Polish speaking Health Advocacy Workers.

Recruitment to the programme focuses on disadvantaged communities and health inequalities to improve health outcomes through targeted patient education. 

The programme is created with the aims of supporting participants to gain the skills and knowledge to improve theirs and their families’ health and wellbeing. In doing so, awareness is being raised about all health services in the borough, old and new, including how and when to access them. 

HYTH is designed in partnership, with input from Sutton CCG, Live well Sutton and the course participants. It supports learning about NHS services and how to access them appropriately. Raises the awareness of key health messages, improves lifestyles, reinforces positive health behaviours, promotes self-care and supports individuals to take control of their health and wellbeing, and improve the health and welling of their families.

18.11 Help Yourself to Health - Overview Presentation.pdf

18.08 Help Yourself to Health - translations.pdf