Involving patients and the public in our work as a CCG

In Sutton, we always ensure to follow the NHS England guidance, which list the 10 principles of participation documented in the Patient and Public Participation in commissioning health and care based on a comprehensive review of research and best practice.

We involve the public and patients in a variety of ways to ensure we are capturing views and reaching seldom heard communities. This ensures that the views and feedback are influencing decision making within the commissioning cycle (analyse, plan, do, review).

Our Patient and Public Engagement Report highlights in detail how we involve the public and patients through engagement activities. The method of engagement we use depends on what we are engaging on and who we need to engage with, but includes events, surveys, focus groups, social media, and direct contact through our partner networks, such as the Patient Reference Group (PRG) and Healthwatch. Critical to the success of our engagement is maintaining strong and effective relationships with our local communities and partners.

Our engagement strategy gives details of how you can get involved and our Annual Report 2019 for Patient and Public Involvement highlights the work we have done during the year.