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NHS Sutton CCG launches a new, innovative rapid access dietetic service to help families whose children have suspected delayed cow's milk protein allergy

Around 3-5% of infants have an allergy to a protein found in cow's milk and some of these infants require a specialist infant milk or a maternal milk free diet if mum is breastfeeding.

If an allergy to cow's milk protein is suspected in your baby; your GP or Health Visitor can now refer your baby to the specialist dietitian from Oviva for a comprehensive assessment including a full allergy history to make sure they receive the right diagnosis and the right treatment.

This specialist service is made up of a team of expert dietitians who can offer remote, individual support within days of a referral being made.

If the diagnosis is confirmed, the dietitian will support you with managing your child's milk allergy by supporting them through the introduction of solids and the safe reintroduction of cow's milk at the appropriate time. Parents will also be able to access the Oviva Smartphone App to have direct support and access to the specialist dietitian at a time convenient for them. The Oviva smartphone App also has great educational resources for parents to access including podcasts, recipe ideas and factsheets

Sarah Taylor, Head of Medicines Optimisation and Chief Pharmacist for NHS Sutton Clinical Commissioning Group said: "An undiagnosed cow's milk protein allergy in a baby can cause parents a lot of anxiety and this innovative new service now provides rapid and intensive support for these infants and their parents. There is an expert dietician available over the phone or through the Oviva smartphone app and this means that the service is flexible to the needs and lifestyles of the parents or carers. We are delighted to be working with Oviva and delivering better care for these infants and their families."