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World Antibiotics Awareness Week: 12 – 18 November 2018

Keep Antibiotics Working

Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats facing us today and the overuse or misuse of antibiotics is making the problem worse.

Without effective antibiotics many routine treatments will become increasingly dangerous. Setting broken bones, basic operations, transplants, even chemotherapy all rely on access to antibiotics that work. Antibiotics are essential to treat serious bacterial infections but they are frequently being used to treat minor illnesses, such as coughs, earache and sore throats that can often get better by themselves. To slow down resistance we need to cut the use of unnecessary antibiotics.

During World Antibiotics Awareness Week, we are reminding local people that taking antibiotics when you don't need them puts you and your family at risk.  It's important that, when it comes to antibiotics, you always take your doctor, nurse or healthcare professional's advice.

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