Sutton Health and Care Plan

In Sutton health and care organisations are working more closely together as a partnership. This partnership makes care better for local people because it's more joined–up and we can organise services around what the individual needs, not by organisational boundaries. Working together makes sense for our professional staff across different organisations: we can build strong and supportive teams with different skills and roles, all focussed on better and more efficient health and care for the people of Sutton.

The leaders in Sutton of the NHS, the Local Authority, the Voluntary Sector and Healthwatch have been reviewing the population's health needs and current services, listening to local people, and working towards shared priorities.

We want to work together to support people in Sutton to start well, live well and age well. Every organisation has workforce and financial challenges: working together better, with advice and co-operation from local people, is the only solution for us all in the longer term.

We tested this thinking at an event we held on 29 November (Sutton Health and Care Plan Event).

We have used the ideas generated during the event as we develop our Sutton Health and Care Plan. We published progress on our plans for discussion in spring 2019.  We used this discussion document to continue the conversation - and started talking to people about how to put ideas into action.

Well have been speaking to the communities most involved in, and affected by, what is included in the discussion document. For example, we’ll be working with young people, their parents and teachers on anything proposed around children and young people’s mental health.

To support the development of our local plan, we have also been looking into the similar priorities around prevention and early intervention that were published in the NHS long-term plan in January 2019.

We've also been discussing the key parts of this and how they fit with our own local plan with people in Sutton.

We launched our Sutton Health and Care plan at our AGM in September 2019.