​The Sutton Plan

What sort of place do we want Sutton to be, and how can we work differently to build it together?

Residents, voluntary and community groups, businesses and representatives from across the public sector in Sutton have been considering these questions and sharing their ideas.

The Sutton Plan sets out a shared vision for the borough and our thoughts on how to tackle some of the big issues facing us. It is a blueprint for how everyone can work together, the basis for new actions and new conversations as we begin to build Sutton’s future. 

We want to sustain and develop the good quality of life, access to decent jobs and services, and strong communities that we know are Sutton’s strengths. We also want to ensure that these benefits are shared by everyone in our community, tackling the inequalities experienced by some of our residents.


This vision is underpinned by three strategic priorities:

  • A better quality of life and opportunities for all residents

  • Places underpinned by inclusive and sustainable growth

  • A coherent system of health and care that is shaped around the needs of Sutton’s residents (Sutton Health and Care plan

We are working with our local partners to develop our Sutton Health and Care Plan - which will be a chapter of The Sutton Plan.

For more information on the Sutton Plan visit:  www.suttonplan.org