Enhanced Health in Care Home

Sutton Homes of Care vanguards is one of six Enhanced Health in Care Home (EHCH) Vanguards across England where we are working to improve the quality of life, healthcare and health planning for people living in care homes. Within these six Vanguard areas, care homes are working closely with the NHS, local authorities, the voluntary sector, carers and families to optimise the health of their residents.

The EHCH care model will become a core element of the multispecialty community provider (MCP) and integrated primary and acute care system (PACS) new care models to help deliver whole population healthcare.

In September 2016 NHS England published the Framework for Enhanced Health in Care Homes. This includes seven key components and eighteen sub-components which define the care homes model are put forward, with practical guidance explaining how organisations and providers can make the transition and implement the whole model.

These plans can help transform the way care is delivered, with staff from across health and social care organisations working together as part of multidisciplinary teams – joining up care for residents.

Learning Guidelines have been developed for select elements or sub-elements which provide detail on how we support the EHCH model. The guidelines identify interventions put in place by the Enhanced Health in Care Home vanguards that have worked particularly well and could be replicated. The guidelines were also developed to include learning from other relevant work taking place in the community outside of the vanguard. The guidelines include steps for implementation, things to consider, possible challenges and lessons learnt, as well as various practical supporting materials.

Learning Guides