Programme Aims

Our vision is to make sure we have a vibrant high-quality care home​ market in Sutton, delivering care that embraces the national nursing values of patient care (the six Cs):  Care, Compassion, Competence, Communication, Courage and Commitment.



We're working together to deliver outstanding care for care home residents in Sutton.  Our ambition is to:

  • provide enhanced education and training to ensure happy, confident staff with the skills to provide excellent care to residents;
  • support quality and safety across Sutton's care homes, with rapid interventions to maintain high standards;
  • create a model with people at its' heart, with teams working together to meet the health and wellbeing needs of every care home resident.

Our programme consists of three pillars, as shown in the diagram below:

new model of care - house image.png 


Integrated Care Pillar: An essential element for a successful model is to design care focused on the health and wellbeing of residents. This includes developing and motivating a workforce that is both valued and competent in responding to the individual needs of residents.

This pillar aims to identify new ways of delivering proactive services, standardise care and include the residents and their families in decisions about their care.

Care Staff Education and Development Pillar: In order to deliver seamless and comprehensive care developing the skills and knowledge of care home staff is paramount. This pillar identifies the training needs of care home staff and provides a range of education and training resources and programmes to meet these needs.

Quality Assurance and Safety Pillar: Protecting our residents by improving safety and the quality of care in Care Homes is an important responsibility for all care providers. The aim of this pillar is to establish systems and processes that facilitate the sharing, monitoring and evaluation of relevant information, enabling appropriate action to be taken by partner organisations as and when required.

Together, these three pillars support the model of care we have designed and are continuing to deliver for our care staff and residents in Sutton.

Our projects and initiatives are developed with these three pillars in mind.