Our programme has designed and developed a wide range of resources to enhance the training and skills of our care staff to deliver better and safer care in Sutton.

In addition to our resources being implemented in all care homes in Sutton and relevant partner organisations, we aim to make them more widely available to give all care givers in Sutton an opportunity to learn and develop. They are also available for all stakeholders from other specialist areas and professions with an interest in replicating these.  

A list of our resources is included below.

We encourage our partners and other providers to utilise Sutton Homes of Care resources. If you do use these resources please ensure to source where they came from and let us know by e-mailing sutccg.carehomevanguard@nhs.net
We understand that often our resources will be adapted to suit your establishment’s needs but please ensure that the Sutton Homes of Care vanguard is recognised for developing the original resource.   

E-lear​ning modules

We have a range of e-learning modules available for care home staff to improve their knowledge and skills in areas such as continence care, dementia and person centred thinking.  Click on the relevant links to access these courses.

There are other platforms available nationally for care staff to access free online training and education:

e-Learning for Healthcare

(Note: Read these instructions on how to register and gain access)

Are you concerned about a resident?

End of Life Care Support

​Hospital Transfer Pathway

Standardised documentation for older people's care homes

Standardised documentation for learning disability care homes

Quick Guides​


Are you concerned about a resident?​A3 poster
A5 poster
​​Reference card
Bristol Stool Chart​A3 po​sterA5 posterReference card
Falls pathwayA3 posterA5 posterReference card for Nursing Homes
Reference card for Residential Homes
Mental Capacity Act​A3 post​erA5 posterReference card
Pain​A3 posterA5 posterReference card
Preventing and managing UTIs​A3 posterA5 posterReference card
Postural drops​A3 posterA5 posterReference card
Safeguarding​ adults at riskA3 posterA5 posterReference card
SepsisA3 posterA5 posterReference card


Dementia Assessment Referral (DeAR-GP) Tool


Dementia Assessment Referral to GP Form

Click here to access the HIN website and read out more about the tool.

Medicines Optimisation

Standard Operating Procedures for Medicines Management
Read more about the impact of the medicines SOPs in care homes in the Evaluation Report.

Infection Prevention and Control

Read more about the initial impact in this report.

Hydration and Nutrition

Read more about the initial impact in this report.

Maintaining Skin Integrity and Preventing Pressure Ulcers