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Jason Helgerson visits Sutton Homes of Care vanguard  

New York State Medicaid Director, Jason Helgerson met the Sutton Homes of Care Sutton vanguard team and partners this morning to discuss the successes of the vanguard model and current care home environment in Sutton. Friday morning's visit consisted of informative presentations, fruitful discussions and an infamous staircase photo of the group.  

Jason Helgerson became New York's  Medicaid director in 2011. New York's Medicaid programme provides vital health services to residents of New York State. Jason also serves as Executive Director for New York's Medicaid Redesign team where he leads on policy to fundamentally reshape the state's Medicaid programme in order to lower costs and improve health quality. 

The Sutton Homes of Care vanguard programme was developed to improve the health and quality of life for all care home residents in Sutton by delivering a new care model that offers people living in care homes improved and integrated health care and rehabilitation services. The programme has demonstrated significant financial savings as well as improvement in clinical indicators and most importantly, resident experience. Data suggest that considerable savings have achieved by the programme including 12% reduction in A&E attendances  and residents' length of stay in hospital has been reduced by four days, through the Hospital Transfer Pathway 'Red Bag'. 

Dr. Chris Elliott, Chief Clinical Officer Sutton CCG said: "We were very pleased to have Jason Helgerson with us here today in Sutton. We were able to have some very productive discussions around the development, successes and implementation of the programme.  We are very proud of the Sutton Homes of Care programme and Jason Helgerson gave some invaluable advice and feedback on the future and sustainability of the programme."

Jason Helgerson said: "I'm extremely impressed - it's a great example of what we're trying to do in New York.and what the NHS is trying to do in the U.K.... here in Sutton are tangible examples that when you create meaningful partnerships, things like the 'red bag' start to materialise. Creative solutions for real problems that benefit real people."