Evaluation of Sutton Homes of Care Vanguard

Background and context

As part of being a vanguard, NHS England's New Care Models (NCM) Programme provided additional funding for independent evaluation. All vanguards were asked to commission an evaluation that answered seven evaluation questions. In August 2016, Sutton Homes of Care Vanguard, through Sutton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), appointed SQW Ltd and the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) under a joint contract to carry out its evaluation.

The end of year report produced by SQW and SCIE was approved for publication by Sutton CCG's Quality Committee and its governing body in autumn 2017. At a similar time, SQW provided a presentation of updated analyses using a full year of data as, at the time of writing the end of year report, data covering only three-quarters of 2016/17 was available.

Key messages of the evaluation (2017/18)

The key messages from the final evaluation report are: 

  • Nursing homes: A&E attendances, NEL admissions and length of stay in hospital have fallen for those homes using the Red Bag.
  • Residential homes, there has been an improvement for the average length of stay in hospital for those in homes using the Red Bag and there has been a continued improvement in the rate of residents attending A&E.
  • The number of 999 calls have stabilised.
  • The proportion of residents dying in their place of choice (on an EOLC plan and on CMC) has been consistent at  an average of approximately 80% over the past three years.
  • The pharmacist(s) and dietician are making a good contribution to savings through reducing expenditure on medications and oral nutritional supplements in excess of 170k. (SQW calculation 17/18)
  • Improvements in care home staff skills, confidence and relationships with other healthcare organisations.
  • The improved relationships between care homes and other organisations are a notable achievement and will leave a legacy for future improvement initiatives. 

Quotes from staff:

  • "Our whole ethos has changed at [care home]. Our staff have much more confidence." (Respondent to care home staff survey).
  • "I just wanted to say thank you for calling yesterday and following up on our residents at [care home]".  (Care home manager).
  • "We really appreciate the input from The Vanguard Team since we have opened and it is reassuring to know we have you to call on when needed". (Care home manager)
  • "It really has been an amazing experience and certainly one of my best experiences working alongside a truly fabulous team of people. The passion is something I have not experienced elsewhere". (Programme partner).  
  • Click here to download a pdf version of the quotes.

Key messages of the evaluation (2016/17)

The key messages from the end of year report and updated analyses are:

  • Care home staff have benefitted from Vanguard interventions through gaining skills and confidence
  • Positive cultural change was seen across the wider workforce including care home staff
  • The Vanguard's activity has played a part in reducing 999 calls, A&E attendances, non-elective admissions and length of stay in hospital for residents of Sutton's care homes
  • For nursing homes, the reductions are across all the outcome measures and can be attributed to the Vanguard
  • For residential homes 999 calls and non-elective admissions have fallen but attribution can still be linked to the Vanguard
  • Through these reduced outcomes, the Vanguard has saved around £400,000
  • The programme has made additional financial savings through: reductions in oral nutritional supplement costs; reductions in lost items such as dentures, glasses and hearing aids; efficiencies in general practices, and improved end of life care 

SQW have provided a one-page infographic to summarise the 2016/17 end of year report.

Internal evaluation (2013 - 2018)

Every month we produced a metrics pack for presentation to our steering group. 

We have compiled this pack to demonstrate our final impact.