​End of Life Care

Specialist Nurses provide care for patients that are approaching end of life. These nurses form part of the Care Home Support Team.

The team have regular scheduled visits with the care homes where they deliver scheduled training in addition to providing bespoke support as required.

Formal structured training includes workshops on:

  • Recognising Dying
  • Advance Care Planning, Coordinate my Care and Communication
  • Care of the resident in the last weeks/days of life
  • Recognition and assessment of pain
  • Bereavement

Informal training is also provided as needed. This may include:

  • Role modelling (eg how to have those difficult  discussions with families, conversations about advance care planning) and thinking ahead and coordination of care
  • Supporting staff with assessment and management of symptoms including use of assessment tools
  • Supporting staff with caring for residents who are at end of life / in terminal phase, including syringe pump management
  • Reflective debriefings
  • Support with Coordinate my Care

The team attend Palliative Care Meetings in all the GP practices who medically support the care homes to ensure that care home residents end of life care needs are planned for and met.