​​​Joint Intelligence Group and Dashboard​

The Joint Intelligence Group (JIG) was set up to enable different agencies working with care homes to quality assure the level of care received within each home.

The JIG brings together a wide range of organisations across health and social care in Sutton, with the mandate to identify and respond to local, low level concerns regarding quality and safety within care homes. The group is also responsible for identifying gaps in training and knowledge as appropriate by monitoring trends using hard data from providers, a dashboard and soft intelligence from the members of the JIG.



The JIG meets on a monthly basis, discuss any care homes and residents where concerns are raised, and develop and agree a plan of action.

Any actions agreed within the JIG are based on accurate knowledge, data and understanding of the subject in question. 

By working together in a collaborative way and sharing data and intelligence, the JIG is able to quality assure the care homes in the borough and maintain a strong focus on quality, performance and safety.

The Quality Dashboard was developed to unify high level data and intelligence to provide a holistic view, flag concerns and monitor trends, which can be reviewed by JIG members prior to each meeting.

The Quality Dashboard has enabled the CCG to:

  • identify concerns relating to  workforce within the care home sector and skill levels;
  • monitor the performance of care homes against benchmarks, other local care homes, national standards and best practice;
  • collate data in an effective manner to provide accurate measurements;
  • analyse trends and identify issues and areas that are performing well (shared learning);
  • monitor falls, UTI's, pressure ulcers, staff turnover, deaths and hospital admissions;
  • determine where training and education is needed to address trends identified in the dashboard;
  • develop an increasing responsiveness to low-level safeguarding concerns through improved intelligence.