Telehealth PODs​

Working with the Royal Marsden Community Services, the Vanguard has supported a project testing telehealth in care home settings.

The Telehealth Solutions Ltd (THSL) Homepod is a device designed to take the resident through a series of specifically designed questions / protocols, capturing a daily set of tests and readings from paired medical devices including blood pressure, blood sugar and ketone levels, weight, blood oxygen and temperature.

The PODs have been piloted in three phases: In residential homes, in the community with COPD patients, in the community with patients with other long term conditions.

Read more about the outcomes at nine months in this interim evaluation report.

The PODs being tested with patients in the community form part of a wider transfer pathway.

The pathway aims to improve patients transfer of care between primary and secondary providers, and patient experience on admission and discharge.

It includes a set of standardised paperwork which captures baseline health and social care information that is readily available to all agencies involved in the persons care. The paperwork is sent in a "blue bag", together with personal belongings and any medications.

The success of the red bag has encouraged the development and design of the pathway.

Outcomes from the evaluations will be shared at the end of the pilots.