In November 2016 the programme piloted a new model of Wellbeing and Health Rounds (WBHR) in four residential homes in Sutton. The pilot ran for nine months and ended in July 2017.

The Wellbeing and Health Rounds provide a proactive weekly review of the residents in the residential care homes, facilitated by the Liaison Nurses. The WBHR review residents whom the care staff have identified, who may have reported concerns or an observed change in their medical or functional status. For example altered sleep pattern, a change in mobility, falls or reduced appetite could lead to a WBHR. The Liaison Nurses will also complete a face-to-face review of all residents in the care homes twice a year ensuring holistic needs are addressed. This review is captured on the Older Persons Assessment Form, which is standardised across all care homes and forms part of the Hospital Transfer Pathway.